Patient Access to Immunization Records

The ability to track immunization history is important for citizens across all demographics. However, parents are the group required to monitor and track immunizations most closely. Not only are parents incentivized to maintain their immunizations, as they’re exposed to more illness than most, parents also must track and maintain records for dependants.

As in most regions, Public Health requires that children have up to date immunizations in order to participate in schools and daycares. Current methods fall flat, requiring citizens – or parents – to track immunization history on paper, and maintain that record throughout their lifetime. Making immunization data available for access would improve the experience both for citizens, who would have constant access to reliable records that can be shared with public health officials, employers, and schools on demand, and for health institutions, who would see improved immunizations adherence and accessibility.

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Paul has recently moved from St. Catharines to Hamilton. Paul has an established digital identity from Niagara Health which he can use to access health services in Hamilton. His daughter was born in St. Catharines. Paul lives and works in a town in the Hamilton region of Ontario. As a busy single parent, Paul ensures his daughter has received all her immunizations on schedule, however he is not confident in his record keeping.



With his daughter entering a new daycare in Hamilton, he needs to be able to prove to the daycare that she is up to date with her immunizations, and he wishes to confirm for himself whether he has been immunized against chicken pox and the flu.

Health Agency

Hamilton Public Health is looking for ways to help patients access, view, update, and share their health data. They wish to enable patients to access immunization records specifically, as immunizations play a big role in public health and wellbeing.


Paul needs to work with both governmental agencies and the daycare to prove his family’s immunization status so his daughter can use their services.


A secure and scalable digital ecosystem built to empower citizens to access their trusted health information is needed. A mobile experience will allow Paul to establish a trusted digital identity within the CANImmunize app, then use his trusted identity to consent to enable CANImmunize to pull both Paul’s and his daughter’s immunization records.

Once CANImmunize can access his records, Paul can use it to view his up-to-date immunization history. Paul can also share immunization records for both himself and his daughter via consent directives with schools, public health officials, or other members of his care team. Paul has the Niagara Health Navigator on his phone, and a personal digital wallet that holds his trusted digital identity from Niagara Health. Niagara Health did not have the CANImmunize application available by the time he moved to Hamilton.

When in Hamilton, he downloads the St.Joseph Hamilton Health Navigator, which does include CANImmunize, so now he can access both his and his daughter’s immunization records using the CANImmunize app when he moves to Hamilton.

IDENTOS technology to support

The IDENTOS health stack includes:

Federated Privacy Exchange (FPX)
Dynamic consent based access control designed to easily connect a community of users to any number of data and digital service providers.

Digital Wallet
Personal digital wallet that grants users SSO access and management of explicit consent directives.

Community Navigator
A configurable mobile app designed to enable, protect and connect the digital journey for users.

With the IDENTOS health stack, tap into:

  • Interoperability across networks and jurisdictions
    • Conformity surrounding privacy and jurisdictional requirements
  • Scalable patient identity - allowing patients to connect securely across various services
  • Easy and consent-driven data collaborations
  • Cost effective network that scales effortlessly

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