13 September 2021

St Joe’s Navigator App digitally links multiple health services with one secure account

Continuing on the momentum of the Ontario trusted account: Today, another health region has been added with St. Joe’s Navigator now launched.

“St. Joe’s is the first hospital to integrate its patient portal into the Ontario trusted account, which is a significant benefit to patients because it’s the hub for most health service activity. As more health services offer digital platforms, this app will become increasingly useful to manage a variety of services in a seamless, convenient way,” -Tara Coxon, VP, CIO, St.Joseph’s Hamilton

IDENTOS is thrilled to support the identity and access layer behind the St. Joseph’s Navigator app, a mobile tool launched today that provides a gateway to health services that will simplify and transform patients’ and families’ health care experience by connecting multiple digital applications behind one common front door.

Read on for the full announcement.

(source: SJHH News)