03 November 2021

IDENTOS supports clients looking to simplify access to growing digital health market

As part of the IDENTOS platform, new digital services are now supported for customers looking to simplify access for their patient community

Toronto, ON – November 3rd 2021

IDENTOS (“IDENTOS Inc.”), a leader in digital identity and access management, today announced meaningful new health services now supported by its platform, offering health providers or authorities further ability to prepare for advancements in digital healthcare.

In addition to IDENTOS’ digital navigation features, including hospital wait times and patient surveys, the following trusted third-party digital services are now certified IDENTOS platform integrations:

-Empower Health
-Keycloak by Redhat
-MyDoveTale, an instance of Epic MyChart
-Smile CDR

“We are thrilled to be creating collaborative value for clients through integration with innovative solutions. Through these integrations, we are providing well-rounded user-friendly solutions that fit today’s imminent needs. Our approach together reduces the friction for patients and providers interacting across organizational data silos in a complex healthcare ecosystem.”  –Brion Muldoon, COO, IDENTOS

IDENTOS’ ecosystem of certified integrations have already been creating patient value with a number of digital health services now available in Canada, including deployments in hospitals, Ontario Health Teams and provincial programs.

Some recent projects benefiting from the IDENTOS ecosystem include the Patient Digital Identity, Authentication and Authorization (PDIAA) program in Ontario (details here: Ontario trusted account) and the Digital Technology Supercluster investment at BC Children’s Hospital delivering integrated digital care and research access for children living with Type 1 diabetes (details here: TrustSphere).

The Benefit
Currently, existing services rely on siloed access scenarios which require costly integrations to connect and often lead to poor user experience.  Decentralization and interoperable access ensures that users can prove who they are and share their data to receive the best service without worrying about differences in technology.

The technology layer provided by IDENTOS lays the groundwork for current and future implementations the ability to scale to additional healthcare networks and beyond, extending citizens access to their data from a variety of trusted sources and digital services.

Interested parties, digital service providers and innovators are invited to email hello@identos.ca to learn more about how they can take advantage of this exciting work, or become a certified IDENTOS platform integration.

(source: CNW)